About Neppe®

What is this?

This service inspire and motivate people to be active, both alone and together with others.

How does it work?

Log in to see markers and tracks on the map where you are. Go to a marker to make it change color and collect points. There are lots of quality-assured markers around, so you can keep going for a while.

Tracks have color for availability. Many tracks are also for people with strollers, walking frames or wheelchairs. Use the chat functionality to get in touch with others and communicate about activities.

Is it safe?

Privacy is very important to us. You manage your data and decide what to share with others. If you find an error or something you think should not be here, please report it. Those who do not follow the terms of service can be banned.

Can I contribute?

Yes! Use a GPS tracking application when you are active. Export and send us the log file in GPX, KML or GeoJSON format. Let us know at the same time if you would like to contribute more data. If we like what we receive, we are happy to promote you to geography editor.