Terms of service

These terms applies to all users. Acceptance is required for usage of the service.

  • All activity is performed at your own risk
  • This service is intended only as an aid for physical and social activity
  • We are not responsible for any damage, loss or injury resulting from use of the service
  • The service is provided "as is" when available
  • This service is provided for personal use only
  • We reserve the right to take any action necessary to prevent or stop abuse
User content
  • You are responsible for content you provide in the service
  • User content must be appropriate, legal, relevant and not copyright protected by others
  • You own your content, but by uploading or publishing it, you grant usage rights to the service
  • Usage rights granted includes distribution, adaptation and building upon the content
  • We can, at any time and without warning, remove content from the service

Failure to comply with these terms can result in block of access to the service.